Help choosing another audio interface

I was looking at a Focusrite Saffire pro 24, I’m clueless with hardware as I’ve only got a Virus Ti and thats just USB, everything else is software apart from my Duet 2 which doesn’t have the capability to hook up hardware (as far as I’m aware…) I fancy a hardware compressor just to see if they actually make a big difference, I know it depends on the compressor itself. Thinking about getting an Alesis 3630 to try out because they are cheap but I’ve heard a lot of people use them, I really want a Fatso Jr though, seen one on a future music DVD and they sound awesome. Any advice? Will the Saffire do the job? Could I hook up both at the same time (in parallel) with that? One more thing, is it a case of the more hardware you want the more I/O’s you need on your audio interface? Or is there like, an audio splitter of some sort you can get to multiply your existing I/O’s? (That was a lot of questions!) Thanks in advance guys :smiley:

Yeah you do need more inputs and outputs if you are looking to patch hardware and such microphones etc. I currently use Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 which is really good, I like it and had no problems with it.

checkout RME babyface,

Thanks for clearing that up Maven, I’ll check them both out. Cheers lads

Hope it ok to jump in here as i was going to ask some advice on this subject myself.I am just starting to build my home studio set up, i have a macbook pro and a Novation Impulse midi keyboard but no external audio interface. I am saving for this now.I am not sure if i should go for firewire or usb.I like the Focusrite range ,which i think i am going for but should i go Scarlett or