HELP - EQ, Compression, Limiting

HI guys though I would start a post on the dreeded EQ,Compression and Limiting. Basiclly if everyone can add in a little of what they know we all my have a better understanding.


Why and where would we use the technicques.

IE, KICK, and Bass, I compress and limit my kick and compress my bass, but what else should we compress ie, percusion, leads, noises etc. Can you go to far with this?

I totally agree with you fella. i have a load of books that explain reasons for such effects which i will post up when i have time but the problem i tend to come accross is panning.

I can never seem to get my strings and pads to sit right. any help on that would be good too ?

Hey all i think that ive reached an understanding in my head which is not to worry about eq as much … i have spent WAY to much time trying to figure out how to eq all my sounds and it has affected the way that i make tunes in that it has been a focal point to start production with .

it will be an interesting to see if anyone elses head is done in by eq aswell .:smiley:

I use very little EQ. i use a lot of low pass filters just to cut out bass n stuff… Im using the bbe maximizer a lot for hats and anything i want hi end sizzle on.

i do use a fair bit of compression mostly sidechain stuff for drums etc.

there are no rules when it comes to this… what you should really be focusing on tho is what sound so i want not what eq am i going to use on what sound.

I do a LOT of comparisons when i working on one of my own tracks… I have folders of tunes ive got off itunes just to compare the sounds or “borrow” drums.

you can only know what eq to use when you know what sound you want to create.