HELP-How can i export an entire MIDI channel with all the automations exactly as i modified them, into a project that has being modified that sound in some way?

First of all i want to thank you all for making your videos the real deal, my life couldnt be better without you guys :smiley:

But now the bad news:

I need this as soon as possible because i have to finish one remix in wich im working on!!!

In one channel (on Ableton) i was making a RIFF with the Sylenth Vst, and the problem is that “magically” the sound has being modified in the last saved project…luckly i saved a couple of previous projects containing the right sound FX, with all the parameters and everything… so i want to copy this hole MIDI channel into the last project…unfortunately all the automations, etc are gone :cry: so i have a complete mess… and there is a worse problem than that, going on, because i also compared all the settings (parameters) from the last and the previous projects (to check if something looks different)…but no, everything is in the same place! as the one from the good sounding channel…and i also have no interferences coming from any other channels or compresors that could make the sound short or something.

What can i do??? :expressionless:






if you browse to your previous project file in abletons browser it will show you all the tracks that are used… you can drag these in to your current project… all automation and plugin data should be intact.

giaaa! why i couldnt remember that???, thanks i own you one ;D