Help isnt my track sounding to busy?

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It sounds horrible. Didn’t you hear that yourself?

Try dropping out the compressor & limiter on the master first.

Now correct the gains on all channels/tracks so that you have a good balance. Kick most dominant. Then the bass. Then the lead. etc.

Now you add the comressor & limiter on the master. And slightly/gradually make changes to what you want.

Check out Tom Demac’s Tech Tip on the pink noise test which should help with your mixdown.

Its recorded way to loud, are u clipping the meters?

Yeah it very over compressed… sounds like way way too much mastering.

check the glowcast mastering course as well.

something i learned is:

keep ur entire track (each channel) on max 50/60% volume (pref 50 or lower)

Create ur entire song like this, when ur done with the song master the song to full volume. if u used quality sounds ur track will sound much bigger with alot of space to move around with effects etc.


Ouw my ears :frowning:

Let your kick peak at around -6db and balance the rest around that. Let the entire track peak between -6 to -3 db. Then add a limiter and let the GR swing between 3-6db gain reduction. Now it will all depend on your mixdown as to how good and clear the track sounds. Less is more, i mean you can have a busy track but you cant have a track where every channel is fighting for the central spotlight!