Help making a kick like this

hey im after some advice with getting a kick this massive I know about layering kicks but just cant seem to get anything this big I have tried with using reversed kicks in the in-between notes maybe I missing something any help would be appreciated.

Cally and Juice - Music is moving (Luca Antolini & Andrea Montorsi remix) - YouTube 1.16min


Check out some hard dance/hardstyle/hardcore sample packs.

Man, if you are looking to make some Hardstyle Kicks - check out YT.

I was recently looking how to make 808 / 909 kicks - and if I’d been trying to make Hardstyle Kicks, I would have had no problem, cos there are loads of them.

Now, whether they’re exactly what you are looking for, I dunno - not really up on the nuances of Hardstyle :cool:

Have a look anyway while SA are coming back to you.

Try taking the kick from peak time trance… putting a plate reverb on it… id this in the prodigy course so there should be all the reverb info there.

then resample the kick and compress to taste.

Also make sure if you do this to EQ your reverb so you dont affect the really low frequencies.

thanks for the replies guys I shall look into the stuff you have mentioned :slight_smile: