Help making main melody

Hello, i started learning music production a couple of days ago and i have a question relating to a track i heard.

Antonio Giacca - Alright (Original Mix) - YouTube In this track at the main drop how did he create the main loop?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there @guykimchi

Could help others to identify the loop you’re mentioning if pointing to a time in the video and if it’s a synth or beat sound.
This track is very busy and has got many build up, tension & drops, so just describe the sound you’re after and the exact time it’s playing in the vid.

hello, the loop i mentioned is “alone” in the track except for the vocals 1:40.
im talking about the loop that builds up.

Hi again @guykimchi

OK, if you’re talking about he main pattern that’s going on during the all track ( and that you can clearly hear in isolation at 3:30 in the vid ) then it’s not really a melody, it’s a kind of plucked Bass Synth with a very short attack and probably a lot of distortion/saturation and probably opening the cutoff of the filter with some automation. It’s also layered and stack on the top of a bass following the same midi pattern, so it’s not just one sound.

Many synth plugins will allow you to reproduce those sounds, but if you’re just starting it might not be obvious or that easy just now. It’s good to learn the fundamentals of synthesis and how you can make your own sounds with those plugins or modify existing presets and use the right parameters to tweak with automation in order to bring the sound to life during a track progression.

Have you consider to try a Sonic Academy Subscription BTW ? You can give it a try, even for a month. Being able to learn from experienced producers and seeing them making tracks from scratch and creating sounds & effects could be very beneficial IMO. Not trying to sell anything here, just saying that it’s a great way & place to learn :wink:

For this specific track and the Midi notes for the Lead & Bass layers, check this video on YT, the guy has got a FB link too, so you might be able to get more info about how he reproduced the sound and which synths plugins where used. But again, think about joining S.A as a subscriber, there’s so many things to learn !

Hope this helps,
Cheers !

Thank you so much. You helped me a lot and about that sonic academy i will check it out, thnx for the very detailed answer

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