Help on how to sound like Cocotte/Lets Buy Happiness Synth

  1. How do i create this unique “angry” synth sound included in the following songs?

    - YouTube

    Boys Noize - Let's Buy Happiness - YouTube

  2. And then how would you go about creating the boys noize signature weird jibberish vocoder included in the following songs?

    - YouTube …(beginning)

    Boys Noize - Shine Shine - YouTube …(1:02)

    Thanks in advance! Loving Sonic Academy so far!

Any tips?

Difficult one the first one, sounds like a bunch of detuned saw waves and maybe a square? Probably a seperate sine wave to give the bass more effect… then with a bunch of processing put on them. People often resample these basslines in something like Kontakt to get good effects.

Sorry to be asking such a basic question and sounding like an idiot, but what exactly does ‘resampling’ entail? I’ve heard it mentioned a few times but never understood what it means.

it’s when you record the original audio and then run the recording through something else to give it different sounds and fx.


How does this make the sound different? Why not just apply the effects to the original synth sound? (Sorry again for asking what I know must be the bleedin’ obvious to most people!)

Is resampling where you record two or more sounds together and then add effects to them? I’ve just got Teenage Bad Girl’s album (from hearing it on this thread actually - thank you - :D!) and they seem to combine the dirty synth crunch with bass drum kicks for example.

I am still very new at all of this, so I cant fully comprehend the responses haha. Can I get some more input or clarification if possible?


Still unclear about the resampling business - could anyone explain what this is and the advantages of it? I would really appreciate it. I will even show my appreciation through lots of smiles…


simply put. you resample something to lessen the load on your cpu. the other reason is so you can record a sound with many variations only using one synth. IE. your synth cant play two parts at once, you would have to have two instances of this synth open to do that. So, instead of doing that, you record the sound you want from the synth, sampling, then you apply whatever you want to the recorded audio, and record it again, resampling. resampling allows you to not destroy the original sample. so now every time you want to use that sound but do something different to it, you resample it, recording a whole new sound. aight, i’m not sure I can break this down any more than that. an easy way to think about resampling, is bouncing a track to audio. meaning, turning the midi into a sample. you do this to lessen the load…


^^^^^ this of course being in the technical sense. you can define resampling in many ways…

ok then what effects would you put on the resampled sample to get the cocotte sound

Hi Taylor,

I’m assuming you have Sampler or something similiar.

  1. Sample the attack phase of Kick with a lot of crunch and loop it.

  2. Add some square osc to it — use your ears, if you haven’t worked with sample manipulation before, you will learn to tell where the threshold is for adding effects. There is a point where adding effects will start to make your sample “unstable”, Basically it will start hurting the sound instead of adding to it.

  3. When you found where you think this threshold is… Resample it. Now repeat steps 1-3 until satisfied.

    For this specific sound you definately going to be adding square osc, Low pass filters, bit crusher/or guitar distortion.

    Experiment with your effects at any given stage, for example adding a whole lot of sub at one phase, and then applying generous cut at the next. Boost mids - cut mids–boost highs --cut both —add sub —balance eq ----whatever. Basically a lot of experimenting and using your ears.

    If at any stage you feel you have “messed up” or sort of “lost sight” of the direction you were trying to go, just go back to the previous sample and start again.

    Here is an attempt at the sort of bass you wanting. I read your post and decided to give it a shot. This is pretty good for about 20 minutes worth of experimenting, imo. I’m no boyznoize, but i Think it shows that you can get the sound you want if you are willing to spend the necessary time.

    BTW, this track nothing more than a Kick, Clap, HiHat, one sampler for the intro, and all other sounds you hear are from just one sampler. I resampled the initial sound 4 times.

    Hope this helps some.

    Good Luck!


    Lectrofanboyrmas1 by Spacegate


I can’t tell you how much you have helped me here - thank you so much for these incredibly clear instructions. It has opened up a whole new world to me in regards sampling and its possibilities - you are a star! Up till now I’ve only really messed about with synths - this is something completely different! I think I also understand the principles behind resampling now thanks to Raymondstar - it is certainly something I’m going to play around with for hours!


what do you call the phase : is it the decay of the kick? I think i’m wrong?

would you pleaser adda little doodle as it’s easier to understand …


[quote]highfy (9/11/2009)[hr]what do you call the phase : is it the decay of the kick? I think i’m wrong?

would you pleaser adda little doodle as it’s easier to understand …


Are you asking me which portion of the Kick sound wave we are to loop?

For this particular bass, I took a Kick that had a real distorted, crunchy, raspy, noisy “click”. Think Jack Beats or even Deadmaus uses them a lot.

The idea is, that if we loop just the attack phase - or just the part of the kick’s sound where the skin is still rattling, we will get a deep bass sound with the crunchy distortion up in the 1k-5k region.

This provides the perfect base skeleton for our sound.

Hope this helps, and if not - feel free to pm me.

fantastic tip.


maybe we need to get you boys a “tips n tricks” section!