HELP Please to synth this sound

Hello everyone. I am trying to synth the sound i find in the loop, but i find out that it is preaty complex process. Could you please help me to synth the main sound in this loop, exactly how it sounds there. Here is the midi and actual reference loop.

Hey @zitto

If we’re talking about the bell synth sound in the loop, sounds like 2 bells sounds de-tuned in pitch, the second one being played at lower octave. Might be some flanger effect on both and a slight delay on the lower one.

It might help others to tell on which instrument or soft-synth plug-in you’re trying to recreate this sound : real harware synth ? ANA / ANA 2 ? Sylenth ? Spire ? Serum ?

Might also be one to post on Sonic Academy Facebook discussion group since you may have more replies & feedback Sonic Academy - Music Production Discussion | Facebook