Help! Rank1 Airwave SawPads

Can anyone help me to recreate the iconic pad sound from this amazing tune??

I can get close but i just cant get it quite right, im running logic 9 with a choice of sylenth, vanguard, nexus, circle, surge, albino, predator, pro 53 & absynth5…but the preferred choice would be sylenth if theres anyone out there with the knowledge or a patch?

Much Love


Can’t you find the one they used via Google?

Saw some vids about this with the Pro53, but you can Google and find some very good material on “Adam Szabo JP6K” as well :wink:

Supersaws are the key

Heres a Sylenth Preset and midi file!

Lol i think in nexus they actually have two pad sounds called Airwave Trance pad or something like that…

Thanks for the replies and thanks very much Phil!

The nexus presets dont sound the same, i noticed those myself and the original was done with a Roland JP8000 which i would love to get my hands on but cant afford as yet!

Thanks again everyone :smiley:

Is there any particular reason why that patch might not work Phil? Sylenth says cant read?

I’m using sylenth version 2.21. 2.20 won’t read it.


I think i still have 2.20 on here ill recreate with that once ive finished the dutch house tut

Legend, thanks Phil :smiley:

Any joy Phil?

Try that

Where can I find this preset? is the link still available?

I think this is so old it was ported from our previous forum… so attachments are gone. I will make it in ANA 2 if you like.

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Definitely would love it in ANA 2, so many thanks and love to Phil. XD