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guys and gals

if you were searching for sonic academy on the web - or have done in the past - what search terms would you use in google/bing/yahoo etc?

let us know please?

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stupid questions asked by roben :wink:


dance music production tutorials

Ableton tutorials


How to sound like “whoever your wanting to sound like”

music production tutorial

Albeton video’s

electronic music tutorials

also Ableton tutorials


variations of the following

music production tutorials, project files, templates, How to, Cubase, .CPR, ableton

Here is how I’ve found sonic academy :

Google : FL Studio Video Tutorial

Youtube : FL Studio Tutorial

Then I’ve found a tutorial with EWQL Orchestra

Youtube : EWQL Orchestra

EWQL Website told me about Ableton, Cubase, Logic Pro, FLStudio.

Then I’m looking for Ableton, FLStudio or Cubase ? Answers here are quite old… nothing’s good.

Youtube : Ableton tutorial => here I’ve found SonicAcademy… ooo : Great, that’s the website I was looking for without knowing it existed… created my account, switched to ableton, happy user and a big fan :slight_smile:

I think you should focus on keywords for people who don’t know you exist => You’ll be naturally good at “techno/trance/house video tutorial” => that’s how people will talk about you in forums & stuff.

I Think you should make efforts on “what’s a compressor”, “Ableton or Cubase”, “Synth tutorial”, …

Last, I think Youtube is where you may make effort on => If people want to watch a video… they search on youtube.

hope that helps

searching youtube for “Tutorials” came up with a few

i originally found the site by Google searching " How to sound like Deadmau5" :blush:

How to make Electro House

Ableton Live Music Production.

How to use an arpeggiator

How to do Side chain Compression

Synth Programming

Subtractive Synthesis

FM Synthesis

There’s a few to get you going…

I can’t even remember how i found it, i’m pretty sure i seen an advert somewhere, maybe facebook or something? Who knows. It definitely wasn’t a google search anyways.

Anyways i guess if i was to search i’d type:

music production tutorial

digital production tutorial

Ableton video tutorials.

I actually found via google → youtube → Sonic Academy

ie via google I found some of the teaser videos on youtubes.

dance music theory

Speaking of which - hurry up with more tuts on it! :smiley:

“How do I make a phat choon and become famous” brought me straight to sonic academy website! Simples

ableton tutorials

ableton video lessons

music production

house music production

tech house music production