Help with 90's House lead

I’m trying to make nice light sounding house leads but they are always sounding a bit to crunchy and techy. I’m struggling to get that mid nineties sounding lead. Do you have any advice using Sylenth about how I would get a sound like this? The stuff on the tutorials seems to be giving more techy leads, unless I’ve missed one. The leads bit in the main room tut is good but not really the sound I’m after.

I would like to make something like the synth that comes in after 1min in this track (Am I right in thinking this sound also has quite a bit of reverb added on top?):

Tensnake: Something About You

Although I don’t really like the song, the main lead is the kind of thing I’m after:

Nightcrawlers: Push The Feeling On

Thanks in advance


The Organ Sound off the Night Crawlers is off the Korg M1… The Korg M1 is the ultimate 90s synth. Almost everyone i know into dance at the time had one.

You can get the Korg Legacy collection for around £100 which includes the M1 and Wavestation… both classic 90s digital synths.