Help with a trance lead sound

just after some help getting some sounds like the trance leads in this i have been using sylenth1 with 4 osc on 8 voices with detune and played around with the octaves and I have tried playing around with the filter cut off with envelopes but I cant seem to get close to any sounds as good as these trancey leads so any help would be much appreciated I also have massive as another synth to use if anyone thinks thats better.

- YouTube part at 4.10min

- YouTube part at 3.18min

Thanks for any help

Osc 1 - make this a standard saw with retrig on

Osc 2 - Saw full 8 voices and detune at about 1 o’clock (just past halfway)

Osc 3 - White noise you will only need a tiny bit of volume.

Bottom left of keyboard turn mono legato on and slide up top about half way.

That should get you pretty close.

Thanks mate your always so helpful :slight_smile: