Help with arrangement

Hey guys,

Here is the question. I talked to my friend, and we were talking about how tracks are laid out. He said that something small always happens on measure 17 and something major usually always happens on measure 33. Is there a guideline about how this arrangement works?

I make electro house, and I think that it would be different depending on the type of music you make, so multiple answers would be wonderful. I realize that there is really no wrong or right, but a guide helps (ie. markers of where changes happen, etc.).


a friend who makes hard house like me has suggested i use a crash cymbal on every 32 beats as a general rule of thumb.

some people may or may not disagree, i’ll try it in my next track i’m making

Right, but when does a breakdown happen, where are the transitions, etc…

I would kinda say whenever you feel like it, there shouldn’t be a definitive rule for all songs - otherwise everything would sound the same and be too predictable.

just go with your gut feelings on whatever you doing should be like that in the song or not. you could also try a 2nd breakdown to help ease out of the song, like a final climax etc

See, thats where I think you might be wrong. For instance, I understand that you can end the track whenever you want, but you can’t start the breakdown on an odd numbered measure. I might be wrong, but I always thought that musical time goes in blocks of 16 measures…especially electronic music. A breakdown can be an odd number, but the beats are always in blocks of 16.

If you are planning on making music that has the possibility of other DJ’s mix in the music, than I think these rules need to be followed.

hey section in it  peeps watch the reason vid it has an arrangement


dunno what happened above post  the reason vid has an arrangement part to it ! :slight_smile:

thank you egg2… I will check that out tonight!

Anyone that has any info or ideas, please feel free to chime in any time!

arrangement should be the easiest part but in reality can be quite hard mainly because we all get caught up on sounding original. i have a great write up on arrangement i will type it up and post in the main forum.

the easiest and quickest way, is to take a track that you like the arrangement of. put it at the top of ur mix. and copy it!