Help with installing vengeance multiband sidechain compressor wont work?

Hey I just purchased the vengeance multiband sidechain compressor as suggested by one of the guys on the forum.

Major problem is I have installed it and then I enter the activation code and it says

Currently there is no e-licencer which you can download your e licence to, no idea what this e licene usb is ment to be but nothing but the vst and the e licence exe file came in the zip file getting really frustrated any help would be hugely appreciated


Contact them directly Mate…

You bought it, so their tech support will guide you through whatever.

I sent you a pm mate, you need the elicenser dongle…

[quote]jjdejong0 (19/08/2011)[hr]I sent you a pm mate, you need the elicenser dongle…[/quote]

FYI if you lose your dongle you lose the software… I just lost my elicenser as well and have to pay for a new license even though i have proof of purchase… not very happy with spencer & hill at the moment…:crazy:

thanks guys I have just talked to vengeance and they said they will give me a refund cant be bothered waiting weeks for a usb to get sent over im sure there would be other multiband side chain compressors anyone know of any that dont need a dongle?

The ableton one is honestly perfectly good imo.