Help with logic 7

i have a mac, midi keyboard and logic 7, i really wana get started but am having problems remembering what i learnt on a short course i took 5 years ago,

are there any logic 7 tutorials floating about ??  i am tryin to get an audio loop in time with the beasic dance beat i have created… i have a decent loop but its not playin at the right speed :w00t:

The only logic tut on here is the DnB one

if you’ve programmed a loop it should be in sync or do you mean you made a loop on something else and have imported it into logic and wish to change the tempo ?

you will have to bear with me explaining this as i am just getting started lol

what i did was uploaded a song into logic and cut the loop out that i wanted to use in my track, used the matrix editor thing to just lay a beat and some hats and kicks down and a couple of other little bits which is just a little tune to mess about with… what i wanted to do then was add the audio file which is my 2 bar loop taken out of a song, and lay that over my beats and just see how it sounded

sorry i am not really clear :hehe:

cool mate gotcha! what you may need to do is open the two bar loop in Apple loops utility and set it up as a apple loop this way it will work to what ever tempo you want.

can’t remember how to open apple loops inside logic 7 but it is possible

cheers mate, i will go and have a look now my mac is upstairs in my room…

back soon to update you on how it went lol