Help with mid ranges

just finished a new track… almost, and it sound like all the mid has been taken out… if I turn in mid up on my external mixer its all good but not in ableton alone. how can I fix this? EQ on master maybe? an ideas please

If you plan on sending it to mastering, this should fix it. But I wouldnt put anything on your master. Only for reference. Go back through all your tracks and have a listen and make sure there arent any phasing issues.

Yeah howies pretty spot on, you may have conflicting frequencies in your mid section which is causing problems. Get back into your project see what might be causing the problems, then go on from there.

There are multiple fixes once you find out which 2 / 3 / 4 etc frequencies are conflicting.

cheers guys, sounds better now… on to the mastering tut… depending on how long that take I might get it up for u all to hear tonight :smiley:

Done! would u like to hear… I’ll post in the new tunes bit… might not be your genre but let me know what u think guys. Cheers