Help with Reason - very basic general question

i have been trying to figure this out for awhile. it seems to be just a simple setting for layout or view. but the way its set by default for me just makes it a pain to add markers for beats in the sequencer. it puts them in sooo small that it painstakingly annoying to get it on time. here is a screenshot (below) which is (top left) the tutorial video of how it is supposed to look and then (bottom right) my reason screen of how i see it. how can i make it so i have the grid with all the squares rather than just rows like i have now? i would reallllly appreciate this help becuase this is very frustrating for such a, what seems to be, stupid and silly problem. thanks

Hello mate,

It looks from your picture that you haven’t got your snap lock turned on and this could be why it is very difficult to get your notes on the precise beat you want them. Simply click on the small Magnet logo beside the quantise value at the top. This will lock all your notes into the grid. Also you can zoom in and out along the bottom using the magnifying glass which will give you a closer look at the notes you are entering.

Hope this helps!


Hi mate

to the left of the magnet change the drop down to 1/16 and that will sort you out

I think thats what you mean anyway.