Help with sylenth.dll

ive downloaded the group buy option, put the .dll in my vst folder and also automapped it but i cant see it!

ive closed ableton and reopened still not there??? it worked in cubase as ive registered it…

please help why cant ableton see it and cubase can?

How are things Mate?

Have you tried hitting Rescan in Options/Preferences/FileFolder/ in Live?

Lennard actually posted this over in KVR about a similar problem.

So I took the option in Live for browsing to my custom folder again and this forced a rescan. And it worked. This is probably a live 7.0.7 issue but if you get mails about this tell them to re/browse to the custom folders.”

So try a rescan… and if that doesnt work… reset where the location of the VST folder is on your HD. Might do the trick if you renew the link to it…


hi mate thanks for your input

ive tried the things you mentioned several times but still no improvement

its there in cubase but not but not ableton

im using live 8 if that makes any difference

I dunno Man…

Looking at the Ableton Forums… They are up to 8.0.4 I think… So make sure you have the latest version to begin with.

One Guy is saying how its still pretty buggy… crashing a lot with 3rd party plugins etc… but its “Rock Solid” with Sylenth. So thats proof that they work together anyway! At least in 8.0.3 or 8.0.4 anyway.

There is also another thread about someone having the same problem as yourself. The Ableton Staff couldnt really offer any advice apart from contact Support @ Lennardigital.  

At this stage Mate… it sounds like you 1st need to update your version of Live & then get an Email to Lennard if you are still having trouble.


ok ive sorted it

the problem was that ive got 64bit vista and 64bit cubase 5. ableton 8 is not 64bit and i downloaded the 64 bit version of sylenth, so thats why sylenth did not work with ableton.

i then downloaded the 32 bit sylenth and now works in both cubase and ableton.

thought i would mention this just incase anyone else has this issue

Nice one Man…

You’re right… Aways post the solution when you’ve found it.

The amount of 1/2 ****ing baked posts that I’ve found on the net when I’ve had a problem… They normally discuss the issue, but dont always cover it to the conclusion. Normally do find it it the end… Haha! But still v.annoying nonetheless! :smiley:

Heres to Sylenth Man… Enjoy! :wink: