Help with user account

Hey sonic,

I have emailed twice now and still have not got any replies. The username that is now linked to my email is incorrect, this changes after the website update, i cant access any videos, subscriber support or user council. The username i have now i just set up so i can post. my original username is tommyt , email please give me a response , its been almost 2 weeks now without being able to use almost all of the websites functions.

Thank you,


hi tommy. the email that is tied to tommyt is a yahoo address.

if you try logging in and then reset you password and retreive the email from this yahoo address you should get back onto the forum using your old username!

Hi Bryan,

I’ve reset my password about 5 times over the last 2 weeks. When i get a reset message sent to my email its telling me that my username is tommyboy. That has never been my user name and the original one I had before the site update seems to not exist, it doesnt let me log in. Ive created this username just so i could post. I think something got transferred wrong as it seems no record of my old account exists on the new site.



thanks bryan that worked, i forgot that i switched my card a long time ago and that is linked to a email i set up to get around registering. sorry for wasting your time