Help with Using the Training Videos

Hello, i am new the forums and the whole concept of EMP in general. There is a lot of videos on the website for Beginners like myself but i feel like i am watching them out of order. I want to be able to progress in difficulty without having to go back as much and be guided while i go through the process from Beginner,Intermediate, and Advanced.

I am a Ableton user and i would just like to know what videos should i watch first, if you get what I’m trying to say. From Beginner to Advanced.

Watch make music with ableton intro… then ableton intro intermediate

Then move on to some of these

Thanks, how long would you recommend i’d focus on each video series? I know some are longer then others but i just wanna make sure I’m doing this right so i am always moving forward. Also on the Ableton Production Technique videos, which ones do i watch? Please be specific :smiley: i won’t bug you about this till i master these videos i promise you:) i am on your site looking at videos 10-18 hours everyday. Will writing notes down on each video help so i don’t keep glancing back and forth on the videos?

Sorry for being a burden, i just want to learn. :alien:


can someone answer my question please.






Thanks i’ll let you know if i need any further assistance in the future.:slight_smile: