I just bought an Akai MPK49 MIDI controller to use with Ableton Live 7. I understand how to map out the knobs to impulse and simpler and generally how to use it, but I was wondering if anyone knew an easier way to possibly set up everything once in Ableton instead of setting it up over and over again. Also, there are some midi instruments that have more knobs/sliders on the DAW than on the MIDI controller. Any ideas on what to do? Please help. Thanks again.


as far as im aware when you are in ableton and you set up your controller, once u hit save, it will remember ur midi controller settings and assignments.

one thing i could think of doing is setting yourself up a template.

add all your instruments you most like using, map your keyboard to the parameters and then save this as a template

then when you are starting a new project instead of starting from a blank screen, open this template and all your settings will be ready mapped.