Hi ! I really liked your product, but i had problem with it, it can load on my fl studio, whenever i try to load it, it appears this message : “there was problem opening A.N.A for unknow reason”, plz help to fix this
thnks !

Are you on 32bit or 64bit system?br
Does it work in other DAWs?

32 bits, no i didn’t try it in a other DAW.

I don’t to see the plugin in your
Did you buy it with a different username?

i didn’t buy it yet, i just download the demo version to see if it works on my pc

What operating system? Win7/win8?br
CPU specs etc.

Intel(R) pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80 GHZ, 760 RAM

It could be the pentium chip causing problems. We support core 2 and up. You could try downloading the bitwig or ableton demos just to check it isn’t a FL Studio thing.

ok Phil, thnks a lot, i’ll try to download bitwing and i hope it 'll work on it !