Here's an attempt at some anjuna/melodic deep house, thoughts? Thanks!

Nice one.

Mixing wise there’s a good balance between all elements, now the final levels are maybe a bit loud, depends what you’re aiming at ( club playing or streaming ), for streaming it might not sound as good on small speakers ( listening on headphones here at the minute ). Maybe filtering some low end as well, but again, depends what you’re after.

Arrangement wise, I like the progression half way of the track, maybe dropping the vocals in the break and make a longer break section before the next transition and accentuating the drop and energy at the end of the track.

But yep, nice track, well produced and mixed IMO :wink:

Cheers !

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Thanks dude! I actually had a way longer break before and most people told me it dragged on so I shortened it, I liked it longer before maybe j should have just kept it. I gotta work on finding a way to balance the low end better for sure I’ll work on that

Appreciate the feedback!

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