Here's is my new song "Move That Body"

I’ve been away for a while, here is my new track “Move That Body” : any feedback appreciated.

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Hey there @Andymac

Will have a listen later on & leave my comments.

For now, just a quick one : please avoid long posts titles and use the post body to type your text in. It’s not very convenient to have such long title posts on the forums and writing a few words about the track is also nice for others instead of just dropping the link. I’ve edited this one to make it more friendly readable, thank you to keep this is mind for next one :wink:

Cheers !

Ala, that sounds like fresh out of a time machine. I used to have records like that.

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Dude If people are to lazy to read a few words that’s there problem it’s just words man. Relax I prefer what I wrote

It’s not about people being lazy to read a few words, it’s about NOT USING the post Title to type in those few words, but using the body text content of the post instead. Topics appears by date & name on the forums, so a very long title doesn’t make browsing through post user friendly because long title posts get truncated on several lines. That was the point of my previous post.

You can still edit your post & change the title & text content if you wish of course, but No Long Titles please :wink:


So finally had the time to take a listen :wink:

Something quite different than your other tracks.

Nice mixing first of all, it’s loud but clear so it has the punch of a club track, nice work with the vocals as well.

I’m not sure about keeping this one so minimal & linear, on one hand it gives this kind of darker club track feel which is nice but on the other one it’s a 7mn long track and I was expecting the song to take off in a classic house track, with typical elements like the synth violin pad & stabs sounds you’re introducing later on in the track, you could even drop a classic house piano like the Korg M1 type of sounds in there. Then at the same time, making a full house track might lead to something very different with a less darker feel to it, but at least some atmosphere layers right from the start and some more melodic elements & groove variation could perhaps create more interest.

So yeah, a bit puzzled between keeping it so minimal & hypnotic in a very linear way or adding stuffs and making it more house. :wink:

PS : Edited your title & post again to keep it more like your previous post ( the one with the broken link which I have now deleted ) and tried to keep it reasonably short :smile:

Cheers !