Hey guys,i need your help with kick 2 keyfile

so i tried to open kick 2,but it asked me to register (again) and when i downloaded the key license again,and tried to open it it wont let me,it says " there is no application to open this file" and it doesnt really give me the option to choose one that works,what can i do?

Hi there

There is an installation PDF included in the installer ZIP folder with KICK 2.
This details the installation instructions.

RE: the license key - you do not open it with any program,

After installing KICK 2 - you run it from within your DAW - it will then ask you for your license key - at this point you then point it to the key you have downloaded.

thanks for the tip,i actually did that and i know that i dont need any app to open the key license,but i cant open it at all thats what i mean…is blank and when i double click on it to open it says this msg “there is no application to open this file” kinda weird…i think is my computer problem,but i dont know how to fix it

i dont really know what app to choose,what is the default mac driver or app to open files? it seems that it got screwed and i cant find it.


As explained you do not open the license key with any program.

You run your DAW - select KICK 2 - it will ask you for you for the location of the license key - you then select the location from the browser window that pops up.