Hey Music friend what do you think about this Track?

i´ve written this Track some days ago. What are your thoughts on this? What can i make better in Future productions?
Thanks for your Feedback :slight_smile:

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Cool track, just found the bass a bit dull & the Kick & snare with quite a lot saturation ( coming from the snare I think ), your synths are also playing at much more high level and in a higher frequency range, could benefit of Filtering unwanted High Frequencies on the aster and some mix levels adjustments IMHO.

Also about the bass you might want to check this new tut on S.A How To Mix Kick and Bass with Protoculture | Tutorial 01 - Introduction

Cheers !

Thanks for your Feedback. I will check your link. What would you say where to highcut the high frequency? highcut at 18k with 12db per octave on the master?.. or maybe highcut the synth on a bus at 14-16k? would be better so the high hats can breath? Are there any Tutorials on S.A for setting the Levels “right” ?

Both methods could be beneficial yes, I was more thinking of the first one on the master when listening to the track.

I found this one very informative, you don’t have to see this course dedicated to levels for streaming only, it’s full on good tips & techniques about level & loudness in general IMO

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Thx again … will studying this …

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