Hey people i used to post here, new material :)

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds would love some input :slight_smile:


Hi there !

I took a listen to your track and since I went on your SounCloud, I listen also to your latest one and then this question came to my mind : are you using hardware or modular synths to produce your music ? Or is this software based ? ( Or maybe you’ve got an hybrid setup ), but I’m quite curious about that.

Found your track interesting and sitting well in the Electronic genre, its definitely creative and you’ve got nice melodic sounds in there that make the listening experience pleasant.

Now, though I was pleased it was not aggressive, I’ve been missing some punch in the bass and rhythm parts of the track during my listening experience. You’re nice evolving synth along the track is very much in the front comparing to the bass and the drums which I found a bit out of sync from the rest of the track, maybe because of a lack of attack & punch, it adds a certain effect to the track, but I found it not blending enough with the all tune.

I experienced a bit of the same when listening to your latest track “Emporium”, I have the feeling to listen to several audio sources at the same time, because of the bass synth that seems out of sync, that’s why I’m curious about your setup and your way of producing, is it live jam with gears that you record on the fly ??

But again, great creativity and pleasant music that might benefit from some mixing/mastering work.

hey man, thanks for the reply

my set up is completely software based and yes most of the tracks aren’t perfect :slight_smile:

i’m not really trying to keep up with the jones’s with my music, it’s just my hobby, i use some analog sounding synths from TAL that are quite nice sounding to me, and a load of old free glitch type effects from (dfx range i think) and a few others, also an effect called ‘that thing’

i’m also useing a great free vsti called crystal, for some pads and textures, hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey !

Thank you for the info, I was almost sure you were using hardware synth, the sound is quite particular.

For the tracks being not perfect, I’m not judging that at all :wink: I was more trying to point you at enhancing the sound with some more fine mixing work. I understand that it’s not everyone choice to make perfect music and to bring it out there and in terms of creativity this gives you a lot of more freedom when you don’t restrain yourself with too much of the technical side of electronic music making.

So thanks again for sharing it here.

yeah, i know what your saying, most of the tracks i just mix as i go along, i understand that a better mix down could help with getting tracks released but for now i’m not that bothered and i’m not really one to sit hours working just on the mixdown, kind of takes the fun out of it for me, also a lot of the new music i’m hearing these days sounds so sterile to my ears, like what is this obsession with shaven balls deep house music lol :wink:

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