Hi all, Im DJ Jonny P, looking for some feedback if possible :) x

Any chance of some feedback please, been self teaching for some years,I’m a member here too. Positive feedback welcome, thank you x


Edit: @Tekalight Sorry URL reset. should be fixed now. mixed through headphones, cheers, John x

Hi @Jonnyp2212

This Soundcloud link does not work, you’ll need to edit your post & update the link.


Thanks for updating the link :slight_smile:

Nice beat & bass in this one, like the bass and the drums rolls & fills with an effective Hi-hats pattern & sound that brings a lot to the groove. Arrangement wise I didn’t cope with the radical sound change you’re bringing at 1:52 though it might work well on a Dj point of view in a live/club environment, but found it to drastic, this synth is taking the all place in the mix at this time of the track for me.

Mixing wise, quite a good job, you can’t push this track further in levels IMO, it’s flirting with 0 db already and you have some hi-freq elements leading to clipping. Found the vocals quite spread on the sides too, but it gives a certain effect to the mix. Overall, good mixing job, the lo-end is nice & rounded, again watch out for higher frequency range elements.

Good work, keep it on :slight_smile:

@Tekalight Hey,thank you for the feedback, its very positive, I normally only get feedback from close family members, so i really appreciate your feedback, and thank you for taking the time to listen x

Best regards John x.

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IMO it’s a very important first audience as well, when they start to support you & the time you can spend on music production and if they’re honestly telling you that they like your music and that you should do more, it’s a good sign.

Outside the circle of close friends & family audience, it’s more about technical & music production level feedback, so it’s a bit different than true love for the music.

Also took a listen to some other tracks of yours BTW and I quite like your “Manhattan” track, saw that it was released on Beatport too, congrats, it’s a good “club friendly” track, another one with a nice lo-end mix IMO so I repost the link here :slight_smile:

Cheers !


EDIT : Are you sometime taking part into S.A Remix Comp BTW ? Could be cool to get your take on the new Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor “Opium” Remix Comp that is starting today :wink:

Hi @Tekalight

Thank you for your reply and sorry for my late response due to the bank holiday. Glad you took the time to listen to my other tracks, It means a lot and I am happy you like Manhattan.

I am coming up with some ideas for the remix :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed it goes well.


John x

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