Hi all silly question but

i previously asked how to put effects like the eq 8,saturator,compressor ext…on different samples of the drum rack?

i have been working throught the how to make glitch house tutorial! all he seems to do is drag and drop the effect on to the specific sounmd within the drum rack and add the effect to that single sound?

when i do this it effects all the sounds for instance if i want to eq a clap/snare only it puts the effect across all of my samples well evrything playing within the drum rack?

i am also a very new user but im becoming stuck on all the video tutorials due to me not understanding the exact way these guys are doing it??

any help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

thanks for your time


in the session view, open up the drum rack by clicking the little black arrow pointing down. Then drag an effect and place it into whichever specific perc sound u desire. This will isolate the effect to just that instrument. Also, take the time to figure out all the little things ur missing, it will pay off in the long run

Hey James

Well, Drum Rack is really useful in that you can set up sends and returns in it. So that any drum sound can be sent to one or more return channels within the rack itself. So you could have one type of EQ for three of the drum sounds and another for the remaining two for example.

Look at the bottom left hand corner of the Drum Rack VST. There are two buttons labelled “S” and “R”. Click on the R one to set up Return chains. You’ll see that the right hand half of the Drum Rack VST in the window is split horizontally. The top half are your drum sounds and the bottom half is where you drop your FX (EQ, filters, delays etc). Put whatever filters you want into there.

Click on the “S” and you’ll see that on your drum sounds (under the title “Chain”) now have the added label of “Send-a” (and Send-b and Send-c etc depending on how many FX returns you’ve created).

In the window to the right of it you’ll see “-inf dB” … which means you’ve not yet sent that drum sound to that return chain FX. Just adjust that amount to your taste.

Remember you can layer FX within a chain so you could have two three or four FX on any single return chain.

Hope this helps.

hey guys,

thanks so much for your help!!

it really is highly apreciated! is that the best way to do it then with the sends and returns within the rack??

or is this good for say 1 reverb and 4 percussive parts??

if i only want one effect on say my clap is it better to just open up the drum rack in session view and drag onto the desired soiund??

thanks again


Hey James

Well, I think it’s the difference between you having 100% of your dry sound plus another channel of your processed sound OR having a single channel of, say, 60% dry and 40% wet.

I “think” that’s the difference. Though I could be wrong :w00t: