Hi, I need someone to recreate a song

Hi, :blush:
One question, there is a song I heard in 1987 but it does not exist on TV
I just saw a tutorial from Synthpop/Synthdance

I try to create this song but I could not
It is very difficult :sweat:

You could create some of the song please?

I await your answe


Song in the party

Thanks, Best

would look into synthwave / retrowave and italo disco tutorials. there is a timecop84 tutorial here on sonicacademy. it’s not really that style but still interesting. same for the “what is love” nu disco tutorial by televisor.

overall, it doesn’t sound too complicated. drums, bass, strings with a simple chord progression, some decoration with a bell sound on top - bit hard to hear the song. best you download some midi files of similar songs and see what they are doing, e.g. for the bass look for a midi version of “flames of loves” by fancy or basically every 2nd italo disco song that ever came out of germany.

for the drums something like oberheim dmx, linndrum lm-1 or roland tr-707, with a gated reverb on the snare.

for the instruments, i’d give a first try to native instruments fm8 (there are original dx7 soundbanks on the internet that you can import). can’t make much wrong with the “bass 1” patch from the dx7 soundbanks.

also uvi workstation vintage vault (esp. the emulation ii pack) and the free synth1 plugin.

and look around at the synthmania youtube channel for some inspiration. he has todas las máquinas de los 80’s: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGAKoBpUJI5jrJLgFQxiiw

Thank you very much for replying, if I was watching tutorials, but nothing went well
Look no further examples
And at the end of the video you hear a guitar,That reminds me “Miami Nights -Accelerate”

Thank You.