Hi im new

hello what the best way to make trance on ableton 10

Hi there @djpaulouk

Welcome to Sonic Academy & the Forums :wink:

If you’re new, I suggest you watch this video about S.A Website, it will help to navigate, search for tutorials and get the most out of the site features. That’s a good point to start.

You can search tutorials by genres or DAW specific but also use the top right magnifier icon to search tutorials & videos using key words search and from the main tutorials page you can refine your search combining genre + software using the “Browse Courses/Videos” section.

While it’s maybe easier to follow tutorials done using your own DAW, I also advise to watch other tutorials in the same genre of music even if they were made using a different workstation. It really expands your resource learning palette when it comes to get different producers techniques, workflow habits & creativity.

In the end, there’s no really a “best way” to approach this & learn about it, general recommendation would be to learn about the genre itself & its key components like tempo, specific sounds to the genre, progression & arrangement and sub-genres. Another valuable thing to do is to start doing critical listening of producers tracks in the same genre as well as deconstructing some tracks in your DAW to learn about those previous key points & how the tracks were made and the “How To Make” tutorials series can really help with this as well.

Such habits combined with the tutorials & projects resources you’ll find on S.A website should really help to make the most of your music production journey.

Hope this helps & feel free to use the forums to leave comments and ask questions :wink:

Cheers !