High frequencies boost?

Hello , i am working on a track and most of my lines are in the high frequencies but i have a problem. I can’t seem to find a way to widen the sound and boost it . I’m already using eqs , sats and different plugins but i can’t wrap my head around the boost found in common house music. That power in the pads or high leads . Might it be i suck at synthesis? I don’t know. So tell me forum , how do i boost my high frequency , high octave leads and pads without making a mess ? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated .

Use a psychoacoustic processor, something like BBE Sonic Maximizer or Ozone 4`s enhancer or SPL Vitalizer.

You can add a stereo width tool, somethign like FLux Stereo Tool (free) to add width.

I use these tools all the time (mainly in mastering after i have had to do soem serious correction work) to add high end “air & sparkle” and the needed width.

hope this helps,


If you have Live mate - stick the utility on something & crank it between 120/150%-ish until you hear a difference.

Might do the trick.

thank you guys , i’ll try both of the ideas a bit later (not on my workstation now) and let you know how it turned out. :smiley:

tried sonic maximizer , didn’t really affect my sound in any way because it works on low freq , i don’t have any on my lead . Utility did a good job though. And i used dada life’s sausage fattener and psp vintage warmer and it kind of did the job , the problem is it’s very cpu intensive this way and my sound skips :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll find a way though.

Later edit : My mistake BBE did the job actualy, i soloed another channel.

boost EQ. add FX such as reverb, chorus or delay… from there Utility does the trick.

problem with making things sound wider… is 2 things. first you have to make sure that your other sounds are also mixed properly in the stereo field. if all your sounds are playing in the center of the mix (which they will be, unless u fix it)… everything will sound the same. but if you have 10 sounds that are all panned to different points in the field… and you logically change the width of those sounds within the stereo field… your “wider” sounds will sound much bigger because they are taking up the space that they should.

also make sure what your widening … can be widened. you can’t widen a pluck sound and expect it to take up a huge portion of the spectrum. where as a pad or saw lead will definitely appreciate a nice spread.