Hip hop beat

Happy new year …

This song was hip hop for most of its life but in the end I removed the voice because it was a bit ridiculous, just from the text of the sample I used: the phrase “ghetto bitches” doesn’t really fit the mood ^^.

For creating the space it’s again the technique of using pairs of mono instruments or fx tracks+saturation and pan them to opposite sides, and a mix of mono and stereo reverbs on the groups. New is that I also pan the bass, sub bass in the middle and an arturia dx7 and prophet 5 instance at the sides, which has a quite nice sound. Also I think it’s the first time that I’m trying to use different modes, minor and phrygian.

Overall I’d say one of my better attempts with this technique. Not sure if I’m just not doing it right or it’s a limitation of this technique that it sounds so static and doesn’t really fill the room with stereo sparkle.

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Sounds really nice in my headphones! Good job!

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Sounding nice as well on headphones here, and I’m using new open back headphones which are supposed to give a better sense of depth and stereo image and this is working with your track.

There’s movement and life in this one and it sounds as a “all”, elements are blending well together, so your mind can focus on the song instead of trying to tell where “that” and “this” sound is coming from.

Good job and nice track ! :wink:

Cheers !

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Si, also bought on Friday an audio interface, new (open) headphones and set up sound id reference. What a difference.

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Great ! :slight_smile: :thumbsup: Been using Sonarworks software for a long time here and find it very helpful. I know some people don’t like it and that It can take some time to get use to it, listen to music you know well and can reference, you can use the Dry/Wet knob for comparison as well. It helps for the changing listening habits at the beginning. Just don’t forget to bypass the plugin before rendering your tracks ! :smile: