Hit me Tumbi

We would love your feedback on our track. We haven’t finished it yet but please give us your opinions

Bringing some bollywood influences into breakbeats and modern day electro.

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

We Are Jap Wow

Sicck track

But i believe the mixdown can be improved

alot of the sounds are bleeding through

other than that this is catchy!

Thank you.

The mixdown hasn’t taken place yet as it is not finished but we appreciate the comment and will make sure we spend the time on the mix down that it needs.

We shall repost a final “mixed down” version afterwards and perhaps you can lend an ear.

thank you

i like the breakbeat intro with the flange effect on top, you build good anticipation with your build up. i agree with the last post that some more mixing needs to be done. the overall sound seems a little distorted to me. all in all i thinks its a good sample , and think its creative to infuse the bollywood sample into electro

thanks for the feedback guys as said it was just a ruff sample to get feedback it will be mixed down and we will post a new link . we just wonted to bring something new to the table thinking outside the box :smiley:

We are very pleased to be getting some awsome feedback from this so far and will soon pop out our next track … we will mix it down tonight

Here is the mixed down version … only a 112 sample tho due to label interest


So excited 3 radio plays so far on bbc plus a 6music play coming up this weekend from glastonbury