Holland, what a nice country we have

Hey I dunno if this has been covered by your countries news but yesterday a tradgedy occurred about 20 mins from where I live. Some nutjob decided to go to a shopping centre with a machine gun and randomly start shooting people. 7 people died including a mum and her small daughter. 18 people are seriously injured and some in critical states in Hospital. The nutjob coward of course took his own life after the massacre. He left a note and the police were aware of him…

Im completely speechless its just sickening, if you want the full story then google Alphen aan de rijn shooting.

Theres some ***** awful people on this planet there really are…

this must’ve been a warning for you to start listening to techno. Beware.

I’m just kidding, yeah pretty f*ked up . There was that guy a few days ago in brazil that went to slaughter into a school because he found out he had aids. obviously then he killed himself

Yeah Jan heard about that - stuff like that makes me think how come we live in a so called civilised society when some twisted individual does that

I thought you had strict gun laws there too - mind you doesn’t stop people doing the same here - I suppose instead of jumping of a bridge or taking pills they hate the world so much that they need to take other people down with them

one guys explanation that did this in the past was that he wanted to be remembered

But what drives someone to do that - this is what realy puzzles me - we as a society should not let someone even get close to doing something so vile

its the kinda thing you see in america but u dont expect it over here (says me in northern ireland !)

whereabouts do you live jan?

i lived for a while in noordwijkerhout and wassenaar years ago

Yeah the stuff going on in NI is all really sad too - don’t those guys planting the bombs realise that they have absoultly no support

I live in Den Haag. He got hold of the gun because he was a registerd member of one of those gun/rifle assosciations. As far as I know the laws are pretty strict, you have to keep the stuff in safes etc and you get random controle checks and if one thing is out of place you lose your license. What pisses me off is that these ****s kill themselves. They should be caught and get the same type of treatment that Jezus got in Mel Gibsons ‘The Passion’, they should be put through horrific amounts of torture and pain and then either crucified or shot into the sun.

Also in Amsterdam last week some guy that wasnt granted asylum decided to set himself on fire. You can watch the vids of that on the internet, the guy died in hospital. What a nice world we live in…

I’ll give the burning man vid a miss if thats ok Jan :stuck_out_tongue:

Its just people like this need to really feel horrific amounts of torture and pain, it will never happen tho cos ull always have those crazy bastards demanding human rights for killers, pedos, rapists etc I think those people are worse…

jeez - wherever he was from must have been pretty sh*t if settin himself on fire was better than going back there

maybe they told him he was being sent to katwijk :w00t:

It happend in Alphen aan de rijn/zoetermeer if thats any help for you chekka…

not the shooting guy - the asylum guy

sorry when i was over there people used to all joke about having to live in katwijk

a bit like bushmills in northern ireland

Lol its not that its just Noordwijk/katwijk hate each other. If you went to Katwijk theyd all be ****ting kn noordwijk…

I tought that was a US thing. but seems that the world is catching up .

there lots of psycopaths out there.

there was this guy at the bank that he said that he will blow some **** at the bank because he was fed up by his job.

i tough he was joking . but i heard that the the police did an investigation and he had in house materials to build explosives.

crazy ****!!! u never know what runs in people minds sometimes :frowning:

Its just scary because like fair enough if its drug dealers or gangsters but they are shooting people that they target for business related ****. This guy was just shooting families doing there saturday shopping on a nice sunny day :frowning:

The first guy he killed was just a guy sat in his car who he parked next to. I mean how unlucky can you be… It also needs to be realised that this can happen to anyone anywhere…

I’m sorry to hear about this jan!

But why didn’t you go shopping yesterday?!?

Only joking buddy!!

Lol i have something which is known as a job Mussi, if i were you id seriously look into getting one…

[quote]jjdejong0 (11/04/2011)[hr]Lol i have something which is known as a job Mussi, if i were you id seriously look into getting one…[/quote]

nobody will employ me as i have a record for groping :wink: