Honest Advice sought

Hi Guys,

Been using the website for a while, and have made my first track. It’s rough around the edges and hasn’t been fully mastered. Would like some advice on where to take it, I feel it lacks bass in parts. However I’m stuck with where to go with it. Any feedback would be awesome.


Firstly, I’d like to point out that I’m no expert in production, but I do know a good house track.br
I think it has all the elements of a good track, however i’d fill the gaps with a little more percussion. I’d also get rid of the fade in at the start and end, as let’s face it, you want DJ’s to play your tracks, and they will not touch a track that fades in/out.br
Try that for now and post up how you’re getting on.br

Thanks for that good advice, any more?

So here is some honest advice:br
The track really lacks some subbass and lower frequencies. Something that kicks people in the guts :wink: That said, I think also the kickdrum is not present enough. It is really important in techhouse and techno that you really have a dominant kick and that it doesn’t get sucked down by other sounds. In your case it does by this sweeping mainsound (which I actually think is quite nice, maybe some more ducking and mixing).br
Furthermore, at least on my headphones, your mix doesn’t sound well balanced. I already mentioned the kick, but also some sweeps are way to loud to fit in the mix.br
I hope this helps you :slight_smile:

Kick is very weak. The intro is very boring. Definitely still lacks lots of elements that make it a good track.

HiPI cannot say I like the track as it is, but… You got all your elements there.nbsp; I think you need to pull the faders down and start a proper mixdown./PPHere’s a nice summary on how to get going./PPA href="http://www.nodoughmusic.com/hello/making/how-to-get-a-great-sounding-mix/all"http://www.nodoughmusic.com/hello/making/how-to-get-a-great-sounding-mix/all/A/PPThere’s not much info about EQ-ing and creating space, but it’s a starting point ;)/PPThen when you think you’re about finished (hell, did anyone ever stopped tweaking a mix? :smiley: ) look for the masteringnbsp;tutorial here on the site (also covers some EQ-ing if I’m not mistaking) and give it some mastering./PPI bet that with the stuff you’ve already got here, and some more work, you can make this into a nice steaming hot pumping track for the very early hours/PPCheers!/PPN

I’d definitely go with the last advice being given concerning the mix down. Kick needs to be more prominent in the mix. Balance everything better.br
But the track itself is quite nice. Wouldn’t want a fade out either though :wink:

Thanks Guys for your advice. /PPThe main areas for me to work on it, for the next few days are going to be the kick and making room for the sounds. /PPAgain, thanks

And you might try to have a listen to tracks posted by others on this forum. br
Just to keep the community alive :wink: