House mix

heres my latest mix i did a few weeks ago, let me know wat u think!


QJ- For you soul
Loopity Goofs feat Zoe Georgas- Drop the needle
D-t3ech- Mississippi blues
Dandruff Truckers- Iz it luv
Pete Carreon- Bong rip (Rylan white mix)
Atnarko feat Mieka Du Franx- Illest on the block
Monoman- Them beats
Full Phat- Housing things (Big Hair Mix)
Mastiksoul- Viseu
Byron Foxx- Everybody loves the bongos (New Sensation funk mix)
Javi Lopez- I really like it
Joe Silva- Acid Shake
Marko Militano- What you say (Derrick Carter mix)
Stewie Griffin- Cum on that boot
Scott Cooper- Tech buddy
Lee Mortimer- Fully automated
The Bulgarian- Jack it like a zombie (Santiago & Bushido mix)
Santiago & Bushido- For what (The Bulgarian mix)
The Loose Cannons- WHYD4ML (Stupidfresh mix)

downloading now! love that Mastiksoul stuff at the moment

yeh great producer. his tracks can range from funk house to straight up techno. his release on warbled records is a great example of this. ‘rock the boat’ has latin elements with abit of funk while ‘b boy’ is just pure bangin filth!