House track Nearly finished


I am going to add a bit more time to the track and some finishing touches. Constructive comments would be kindly recieved.

Many Thanks



Hey mate

I think the ideas in this are cool, there’s a good track here. But as it is now the structure doesn’t work well. The only break down in the track comes after 30 seconds, thats hardly enough time for a DJ to mix the track in.

At 1:38 there’s a what seems like a weird glitch. Not sure if that part of the track or some sorta error but its doesn’t sound right, might wanna check that out.

And at 1:50 theres a lot of clipping when that crash comes in.

Main thing is the idea for the track is good! Hope this is helpful!


Thanks for the feedback and for your time. Everything you have noted is already in my schedule with the exception of the clipping.  Thanks for spotting that i would have missed it.

This is my first attempt at a unique professional track and i really want it to be good.

Thanks again


This track is now very nearly finished (I believe) Not quit sure with the lead out though.