House Track

Another One, My tracks are like buses… you wait and wait and then two come along at the same time hehe

SHAKER BASS by jon_fisher

this track does need a few fixes

sounds very crisp mate, nice one

the drops, especially the first one, are really smart. liked em! :slight_smile:

This track is where its at !!! ****in love it :slight_smile:

Jon you should do a tut tbh, you could teach all these members a thing or two !

bassline = facemelt = win !

Gotta agree great bass and sounds really clean

great track. clean. the bass was awesome. the riff was good. I love the super long sweep in the middle. that thing was epic!

right guys if thats what you want then thats what you shall get, the next time im off work i’ll start on a tutorial of making that Track :slight_smile:

[quote]Jon_fisher (14/01/2011)[hr]right guys if thats what you want then thats what you shall get, the next time im off work i’ll start on a tutorial of making that Track :)[/quote]

Jon thats awesome ! Love you dude (no homo)

anyone going to point out anything bad about the track?

I know the track sounds OK at best and i do like the BASS and MIDDLE BREAK but there are some really boring parts to this track and parts that need much work but nobody ever gives honest feedback on here lol

We are all trying to hard to be nice to each other and its not working well for a feedback section because i need something to take back in the studio and improve on, If i thought for one second this track was great i would have never posted it and asked peoples opinions i would have sent it out to record labels but its not SO MAYBE you could all at least pick something JUST ONE THING that you DON’T LIKE about the track.

Hey Jon

Listened again on my ipad in a hotel room. So crappy speakers.

So, the bass is great. Good texture to it. The breaks, for me the first more than the second, are lovely. That odd change you do atvthe end of the first break is the nuts. Would love to know you you did that.

Structure overall is a bit vanilla / predictable. The drums you establish their main rhythm very early and it doesn’t seem to vary so they do get a little dull. I’d drop parts out or add a new perc sample/layer later on to change things.

I’m not keen on the acid sound or melody of the higher freq synth. Not sure the acid works on this track. Have you tried something in a higher freq range? It might work well against the powerful bass you’ve got going.

I kind of expected something BIG to happen at the end of the second break but it appears to go back in to the same loop from earlier more or less. Perhaps a new perc pattern or synth would change things here?

that’s my two cents. Hope it helps.

I really like this track. I agree with the other comments about the sound being good, the bass is excellent and the breaks, particularly the first one, are also really good. I really like the acid sound as well.

For me the track could do with “something more” after the second break, I want the nice bass back before the end but after the second break the track starts to feel a little samey. It might be that rather than adding anything after the break, it is that the feeling of missing that bass isn’t strong enough before it comes back - the full bass changes at 2.30 but the sound is still with us, just as part of the pattern, until the break. Maybe if the bass is low passed before the break it would be a relief to have it back after the break. Anyway this is just an idea.

[quote]Jon_fisher (14/01/2011)[hr]right guys if thats what you want then thats what you shall get, the next time im off work i’ll start on a tutorial of making that Track :)[/quote]

I would like to formally register my interest in this. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback guys along with howards advice i have enough to go and work at now.

Hi jon

Personally I would like to hear a bit move background stuff - hits with long verb/delay tails etc giving it more depth, particularly for the first couple of minutes. Maybe this isn’t your style I don’t know.

Definitely a dancefloor treat though, nice one.

Nice track Jon.

As far as critisism I’m just going to rephrase what the others have said. It needs a few more elements. Your two breakdowns feel too empty IMO. I think you need a few elements that take the focus of the basslines as listening to them nearly the whole song does get too repetative.

Nice track mate def electro housey.

Really liking the drop on the first part i didnt expect that crazy :smiley:

Keep it up its wicked