House tune - Work in progress

Afternoon all,

First post on the forum. Started work yesterday morning on a new, quite progressive style house track in Ableton.

Just interest to see what people think and if anybody has any tips or ideas to fatten it up a bit . . .


No vocal recorded yet, but have a nice sweet vocal in mind that’ll lay nicely over the top.

Look forward to hearing from u.



any takers ? would really like some advice on how to toughen this up a bit . . .

hey bob,

just checking your tune…

actually i like it alot…

as i can understand you wanted to make sth more to progressive house…

but this is deep house with progressive elements and sounds great

it reminds me some chill house tunes cafe del mare style…

with a good vocal you can easily make a balearic anthem :wink: (at least you could try)

why do you feel you should fatten it??

tks m8


Thanks for the response Dimitris!

Glad you’re liking the track - thanks!

Balearic anthem would be lovely! :slight_smile: I have a vocal in mind that I think will sit quite nice, should hopefully get it recorded in the next couple of weeks.

I think in my head, when I sat down at the computer, I wanted to produce something with a bit more punch, but maybe I should just run with the slightly more chilled side of things!

Thanks again for your comments - I will keep the forum up to date when the vox is added!


Hi Bobby,

Just listened to ur track and was impressed. It’s definitely got very good potential. Try and get a full arrangement done and post it again before u work on any vocals, it mite work very well without them. Just curious are u sampling vocals and having a go urself?

If you want a little more puch maybe try adding in some stabs using a saw wave or nice lead.

Well done man, keep it up.



Hi Bicky,

Thanks for the reply.

I will play around with some saw stabs thanks for the tip. Do you have any suggestions on where in the bar to place the stab/s ?

As for vocal - I have a female vocalist lined up that has sung for us before, and also have a chorus, verse, melody that I think will work well . . .

Thanks again for the post. Will update with progress in due course.


Not bad dude. I was ready to lay into it and start to criticize, but its not bad at all. I think its still in the idea stage still and needs a ton of work, but I could definitely see that being played out in a large club for a more late night type track. I am a little apprehensive to even put it in the house genre though. I would label it just straight progressive, or even trance really. I’m really curious to hear the builds, transitions, and vocals when you bring them in. It sounds interesting.