How can I do this in ableton

Now please just put aside for a second thats its FL and that its a trance kick etc etc.

I’m more interested in when he puts the shin wave into the sampler he changes the envelop and truns a knob and boom, there is a kick!

The knob is called pogo and is to do with pitch I think.

So how can I do this is Ableton?


I think theres a tutorial on that on here. Go through the videos. After All, I think you pay for it, dont you?


But I’m sure Ableton doesn’t have anything as seemingly simple to use as the pogo knob or whatever it was…You’d definitely have to map some parameters to macros in an instrument rack, and like you said, the pitch envelope would be one of the parameters you’d map.

Just load a sine wave into sampler, go to Pitch/osc, turn on the pitch envelope and turn the envelope amount up to around +32 st, and that’s pretty much it. You can do it in Simpler as well, I just chose to use Sampler. And you don’t really need to resample the sine wave as you can do the pitch envelope thing in pretty much all synths.

yeah figured it out after playing with sampler for a little bit, but sounds like pants, dunno if its down to abletons sampler or me! will kick it a shot in another sampler.

I’m getting sound nice kicks when I layer attack, abletons sampler and a tom. still needs a lot of work but getting there…

Sounds like a fast lfo of the pitch to be honest.