How can I get the session resources for The Squatters Brainfreeze

Hello, br
As I’m watching the tutorial as stated above the video instructor said he left the pack with plugins but I don’t see them in the session
Can you send them to me directly. I’d really like
Thank you, Jeff

im not sure how he would include plugins in the course resources… do you know what part of the video mentions this. thanks

I think what he meant was, he would put in the original project file so if you had the plugins you could see the settings they used.

It would be cool if The Squatters could share the template they have for logic :slight_smile:

Sorry my friend I was unclear. The session resources are not included but the instructor clearly says that it can be downloaded. br
How can I get the Brainfreeze session? Just like I’ve downloaded the

Yes I am looking for the source resources for that episode. Brainfreeze.:smiley: