How do I achieve this?

When the guy first starts the samples on the Kaoss pad he’s pressing the buttons at the top which chop the loop up and only play certain parts. This results in a really cool effect which I bet would be great for making orginal music/remixes.

Anyone know of a way to achieve this in a VST or in Ableton?

You could drop a sample into a new track and then right click - slice to midi track.

This would then allow you to trigger different parts of the clip in combination and in variation quite easily, but you would still have to set up 2 and 4 bar loops etc and draw in the midi.

Maybe with record and overdub you could do the same thing in real time? Not as sure about that side of things, probably something clever you can do with clip follow commands etc.

Yes - once you’ve mapped the sample onto a drum rack you have the option to trigger them from any MIDI surface. Ive been looking at the Kaoss Pad but I don’t really see how much more it does than a standard MIDI surface connected to an effects processor. Obviously the KP3 has its effects built it, but by all accounts it doesn’t have MIDI out (or is that the Kaossilator?).

All good ideas but it ends up being a bit of a pain to do that.

I figured the idea behind this would be - chuck a sample onto it, cut it up. If it sounds crap then ditch it. Doing it manually would get boring and I’d never be bothered to keep it up.

I wonder could DB Glitch be used for something like this.