How do I create this bass?

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I’ve been trying to create the bass sound heard in [url=]Birdy - Skinny Love [Teemid Remix] - YouTube (0.40 in) and the beginning of [url=]Teemid - Crazy feat. Joie Tan (Gnarls Barkely Cover) - YouTube
Does anyone know how to create something similar, preferably in sylenth or ANA? I’ve found some presets in FM8 that kinda sounds the same, but I’m a sucker for sylenth and ANA hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Dead easy - but my answer’s got nothing to do with Sylenth or Ana, whatever they are, sorry! br
Download Proteus VX. It’s a legit. free download and it’s got an absolute TON of great free bases in it. The sounds aren’t AS tweakable as perhaps you’d like but the one that comes closest is prob. Walking Uprite with a bit of careful external EQ applied and a bit of tweaking of internal settings. But there’s a LOAD of other great bass sounds there, an electric gutar to die for (Distorter) flutes and panpipes and perfectly usable strings. br
Hope you enjoy it - I’m nothing to do with the package, just love using it. br
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Thanks man, I’ll check it out!

that actually sounds like an electric guitar.

Its not really a bass either, just a muted guitar patch. Most old GM romplers would have this sound or similar in… Halion Sonic SE for example.

ample bass guitar + amplitube should also be able to get close to this. or less realistic, in the uvi vintage vault there are some bass instruments that sound like they could be tweaked into that direction.

Have to say mate your video series was superb! Which it was in ableton though lol.

Protoculture should make a video serious on “how to make” would love to see your process making a track. Keep up the tutorials :slight_smile:

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