! How do I create this lead?!

Hello, I have a specific, very distinctive sound that I would love some help with recreating. I have tried to do it myself before, but it never really ends well.br
As far as I have found out the synth originally comes from the vst Sylenth1 and is called “LD Broken Circuit”. You can hear it in this song for instance at 2:00 “Avicii-Dear Boy” (Avicii - Dear Boy - YouTube) and “Avicii - The Days” at 3:12. (A lot of Avicii, I know) Avicii - The Days (Lyric Video) - YouTube
I have tried to recreate the synth in A.N.A, and as far I know it mainly consists of square waves with the pitch modded in just the right way. When I try to recreate it, I seem to fail though, especially at the distortion which seems to be a key element.br
So, if anyone has any idea of how I could do recreate this lead, I would love the help. If someone actually have Sylenth1 (I don’t crack synths, and Sylenth is too expensive), I would be very interested if they could tell me about “LD - Broken Circuit” :slight_smile:

I just created this account to reach out to you lol.
I may help you.

Any way i can contact you besides this page??

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This is a rather old topic by now, so I’m not sure if this user is still active on the forums.

You may want to use the “Message” function from your member account to try reaching him, using the @ sign before a member username in a post ( like I did here with yours ) also insure that the user will be notified, but best is to use the message feature.

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Hope that helps, cheers !