How do i design this stab sound?

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The sound i am looking to recreate comes in an the off beat between the 2nd and 3rd kick on every bar (hope that makes sense?!)br
Any help would be great

Hey man! Luckily it seems only a simple “909 snare” you can find this sample on internet or… buying a 909 XD

Aaaaaah sorry you want to say the square sound?

yeah on the off beat between 2nd and 3rd kick, has a bit of wobble to it i think

It’s a single square wave with cutoff (on massive: put the cutoff at 11 o’clock, no resonance, and a bit of envelope on the cutoff frequency) :slight_smile: Hope that helps

Cheers Ryan, i’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s more complex, but with that settings works well in Massive :slight_smile:

I think the sound you are thinking of is part of the Sqaure/Pulse Bass sound… it pops an octave up on that
any synth with Square/Pulse Wave with a simple filter should get you really close.

Cheers Phil :slight_smile: