How do I get these drum sounds?

Three main things. I have listed them below.

  1. He achieves very sharp drum hits.

  2. A lot of them use this kick. Only good deep speakers will be able to do it… justice… no pun intended. It kinda hits, and it leaves and expanding bass resonance. its hard to explain. but if you listen to it on some good speakers you can hear what i am talking about.

    2/3) Kick can also can be seen here. Also, the snare used here is very popular.

    So how can I achieve the 1) sharp drum hits, 2) that bass resonating kick, and 3) that common.

    Thanks in advance! SA Rox!

This is a sound I’m loving at the moment, but its very easy to get ‘wrong’ and just sounding flat, overly compressed and a bit farty, for want of a better word.

As far as I can tell, the drums sounds are a combination of layered drum hits each scooping out their own bit of frequency. So take a few bass drums you like the sound of, and do a high pass to get the sharp attack, then a bit of mid from another via a band pass, then a low pass filter on a nice subby bass drum. Once you’ve sculpted a sound you like, pass it through an EQ, a heavy compressor, then a second EQ to control any frequencies that might have gotten a bit out of control. You can then pass that through a limiter to add some welly at the end. Other FX like distortion and saturation help a lot too.

Hope this helps - its really a matter of experimentation till you get a sound that suits you. Once you’ve done the hard work, you can save the kit for later use!


PS - if you like these you’ll love ‘Teenage Bad Girl.’ You feel a bit dodgy typing it into Google though…

i think i introduced him to you in another post a while ago! hahaha

I think you may well have done! Someone on here posted a link to a YouTube clip that got me interested! One of the best purchases I made last year - cheers! :smiley:

By the way, have you heard the new one? What do you think?

Are you talking about Tonton funk? i have not checked it out yet! i will now!

That’s the one - I’m a fan already. Starts with a nice syncopated bass but then moves into more familiar TBG territory about half way through when everything goes mental. Great stuff.