How do I get this Skrillex sound?

Skrillex - Bangarang (Ft. Sirah) [Official Audio] - YouTube

At this youtube video listen to the start of the 2:15 mark and there’s that nice subtle

rapid arpeggiating synths in there. How do I get that sound?

Does it require a audio sample within something or does it just require midi and a vst synth… like if it were in Massive or maybe Ableton’s sampler?


Its an acoustic guitar.

Try Real guitar.

So I understand in RealGuitar I can just create a pattern and it adjusts automatically when I drag the pattern into the midi track. Question: If I do this with any type of

Midi track vst instrument and I just play live and record it and you know how sometimes it can just have midi data pieces off beat or on beat not perfect but just to just the idea in there … Is there a way to have it automatically quickly lock into place in the measures so its scaled or quantized in quickly to the measure and timing of the song, then just touch it up afterwards?

Basically so creating samples and throwing them in faster. This may not make sense but if not then my question is: Like those heavy weight producers like Skrillex… How long does it take them to bust out new songs?

Do they have a couple tools ready to go then just create patterns using the mouse clicking through midi piano roll areas or do they record live with analog synth gear then touch it up after recording live parts for a new song? The complextro is time consuming but maybe that’s just what producers have to go through. And choosing their grooves and rhythms. Just let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

Im sure they have built up a few preset FX chains etc. but theres no real way round complextro other than a lot of editing.

Ahhh I gotcha. So a few FX chains… meaning stacked presets containing a few of what items?

Are there websites with downloadable templates of Electro House or DNB… this would be useful for me to learn more on track layout patterns, I mean we are far into the future of music and digitally there should already be many many templates that are available… and not just through subscriptions or one in every 20 tutorials with Ableton’s video package products. Something in larger quantities up to date? :slight_smile:

Hey there, Due to complextros “complexity” its probably a bit harder to find presets and tutorials theres a couple on youtube his name is NZmusic101 though in my opinion his tracks are lacking a bit in the how to sort of way. Basically what ive done is gone and just listened to a lot of it trying to figure out where abouts they do there synth swaps etc some artists to listen to which you may already do is ones such as Feed Me, Madeon, and the best one of all to learn from, SebastiAn. Skrillex is a hard one to learn off for me due to his immense complexity and his choice of samples so maybe learning off SebastiAn is the best way to go for me it was (/Is no way near as good yet :P) as its a bit slower and his use of samplings a lot easier to follow. any way good luck and that’s just my 2 cents im sure you’ll find other ways of doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

an example of SebastiAn:

Sebastian Ross Ross Ross - YouTube

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I wouldn’t say imitating skrillex is hard its just TIME. And time can result in quality or cool arse grooves. He’s certainly using complextro style on the Sebastian track… but it has more grooves and subtle tones not much melody… as far as dancing to its more hard funky. Skrillex uses fake guitar vst which I actually think are ok once and while but I’m a guitarist where sometimes a sweet guitar riff like in Calvin Harris uses it would be a lot better and more real.

Yeah I agree that SebastiAn is definitely no way near Skrillex in terms of sound but he makes for a good building block for building up how to make Complextro as you don’t have to think about heavy bass synths and melody when trying to figure out how he does what he does, from there you can start changing up sounds, tempo, and throw in some heavy bass and melody and you’d be on your way to that Skrillex/dubstep. This is a good way to gain the basic knowledge about how its done, you have to learn to walk before you can run. Dont get me wrong me personally i much prefer SebastiAn though i appreciate Skrillexs skill.

All i heard was a video with music. Stan do you mean there is a tutorial somewhere on a link I didn’t see yet? Just let me know.

Ah yeah that vid was just a song to use as an example of SebastiAN but here’s the 2 vids i did mention they may help.

How to Make Complextro - YouTube

How To Make The 2011 (Complextro) Electro House Basslines - YouTube

*note they are for Logic but the general idea is there and applys to Ableton to

Cool also you know its a big important thing for me to know different ways live analog performers or even software producers (how to)*perform or setup song transitions between produced songs live? To avoid any silence gaps during a gig, Unless its on purpose musically.


Hmm i haven’t really gotten to the performing part yet but i do notice a lot of performers in the electronic industry Deadmau5, feed me etc seem to use traktor pro which i haven’t used yet but i imagine thats what they use to transition songs etc. Madeon has a launchpad as well so i think he uses ableton and has it set up so he can transition i bought one recently and they are great but yeah not up to transitioning yet :stuck_out_tongue: