How do you become

i wana buy both ableton vids so its worth doing the insider thing. But i just get the screen to choose which two vids i want to purchase but no submit/purchase button



Hi Paul

click here to subscribe:

In answer to your question, if you are going to buy 2 courses you are better off subscribing as you’ll save yourself money and get access to streams from all the other courses and courses due later on this year.

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ive clicked on the subscribe link but im still having the same problem

i can choose two course’s but there is nowhere to submit or confirm what i want

shouldnt there be some kind of button to click on, on that screen to submit/confirm the order

that is very odd. there should be a large pink button saying SUBMIT on the right hand corner. I see you are using IE - do you know what version? I’d suggest making sure you are up to date with Version 7 as a possibility, or else try a different browser. Keep me posted please.

this is definitely an IE6 issues. You’ll need to upgrade to IE7 or else use firefox.

Sorted Paul

Just downloaded Firefox

I have now subscribed as well