How do you follow the videos?

Hi people

I just wondering how you follow the video tutorials?

Up until now I have been following them one by one, part by part copying exactly what the tutor Is doing using the same samples and synths etc

I understand some people watch all the videos at once then pick out only the bits they need.

I’m thinking about following along one by one but using my own samples and making my own sounds and therefore my my own tune completely.

How do you do yours and do actually complete every the course?

hey mussi81,whichever way the techniques sink in is the best way!

 try using both yours and sonics samples /patches see what feels right for you .

i just watch the vids and take tips from them :slight_smile:

hey!!! what i would usually do is copy the techniques used but use my own samples and plug-ins.

usually i’ll watch one video and maybe jot down some bits. once i’ve watched the video i’ll attempt to recreate the techniques shown, if i can’t manage to do it, then i watch the video again because the info has obviously not gone in lol

firstly i watch all the video’s through from start to finish then usually follow them one by one trying to use my own sample’s but my sample libary is a bit cr*p so it doesnt always work lol i also try variations with the plugins to try come up with different sounds and see what works and what doesnt:)

In the beginning there was Jack … and Jack had a groove. And from this groove came the grooves of all grooves…

I used to start out by following the tutorials step by step and doing the exact same thing. Nowadays I tend to watch and learn from it.

It really depends on what tutorial im doing, for instance with Faderpro i’ve been doing it step by step following what he’s been doing on Logic and applying it to Ableton Live 8.

Whatever way of learning works best for you.

I just watch it and remember the contents. If I want to use what I have learned, I will come back to the video.

For instance, for the longest time, I just couldn’t grasp the positioning of the snares and shakers in a shuffled drum loop. So I would always re watch that section. I think it was the Mark Knight one.